Piazza Sketching in Rome

Finding a place to sit and sketch is a challenge when my canvas folding stool has to remain at home. I was thrilled to discover that Rome’s Piazza del Popolo is rimmed with stone benches, but I had to be quick to grab a seat. Tired tourists kept the benches full.

From my perch, I could survey the piazza’s bustling activity. Where to begin? What to sketch? Presented with such an overwhelming choice, I decided to find something that wasn’t moving. I began examining the intricacy of the dome of an ancient church. It was not going anywhere.

As I sketched, engaging tourist dramas happened all around me. I would pause and watch. Enticed by what I observed, I began to draw some of those moments. It is what I love about sketching. I become part of a place. Its spirit catches me as I work. Now when I look at my sketch, I am back on my perch – watching people enjoying their moment-to-remember at the Piazza del Popolo.