Sketching in Kenya

Traveling with my sketchbook transforms the rhythm of a visit. A day with my sketchbook is a search for the best spot to sit and observe with the sketchbook balanced on my lap and pen in hand.

On visits to my sister's farm in Kenya, the slanted morning and afternoon light are magical times to sit in her garden and sketch. Birds call. Warm breezes blow. Sunlight dances. Neighborhood children cluster around to watch.

Sketching is freedom from overworking. A sketch is a quick impression. Light moves quickly. Shadows change. There is no time to ruminate. Off my pen goes across a blank page. I have such fun! The final touch is bringing out my little portable palette for quick touches of color.

Sketching does have its challenges. In Kenya, the safari ants can keep me on the move. On one visit, I set my camp chair in the grass and unknowingly chose a spot on a safari ant trail. Oops! After a bit of hopping around, I moved to a new location. After that, before I chose a spot to sit, I spent time locating the safari ants on their latest journey.